enhydris_cache — Local caching of data from an Enhydris server

class enhydris_cache.TimeseriesCache(timeseries_groups)

Keeps certain time series cached in the filesystem. The time series is downloaded from Enhydris using the Enhydris web service API. timeseries_groups is a list; each item is a dictionary representing an Enhydris time series; its keys are base_url, user, password, id, and file; the latter is the filename of the file to which the time series will be cached (absolute or relative to the current working directory).


Downloads everything that has not already been downloaded (or all the time series if nothing is in the cache).

class enhydris_cache.EnhydrisCacheApp

This class contains the enhydris_cache command-line application. The enhydris_cache executable does little other than this:

application = EnhydrisCacheApp()