loggertodb, enhydris_cache, and aggregate on Windows

Download and execute the Windows executable installer (pthelma-X.Y.Z-setup.exe) from (not all pthelma releases include a Windows installer; select the latest that does).


First, you need to install Dickinson. Then, install pthelma with pip:

pip install pthelma

or clone it with git:

git clone

Generic way to install on Windows

Manually installing on Windows has some difficulties, the main reason being that some dependencies, namely numpy and especially gdal, need compilation and are not trivial to compile. We therefore use OSGeo4W, which has Python, numpy and gdal preinstalled. The procedure is this:

  1. Install OSGeo4W.
  2. Open the OSGeo4W shell (this is a command prompt for which the environment has been tweaked; unfortunately it does not seem easy to continue with (git/)bash; it has to be the OSGeo4W shell).
  3. easy_install pthelma (if this doesn’t work, it may be that another Python installation is interfering; make sure the PATH doesn’t include the directory of another Python installation.)

That should do it. An alternative is to clone pthelma and install its dependencies instead (search for install_requires in, except for numpy and gdal.

Also note that creating an installer with py2exe or similar is difficult because of OSGeo4W; therefore we only make an installer for the applications that do not have OSGeo4W dependencies.